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We will create a paint or lacquer according to your requirements, unique and the only one of its kind!

Wood lacquers

Avail yourself of the broad range of Vernitech lacquers! Choose a product from our list and order a lacquer, which we will produce especially for you!


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Lacquers for enhancing surfaces

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Vernitech are professional-grade lacquers and paints for finishing various kinds of surfaces, including wood-based, metal-based, and other types of materials. Vernitech not only has an extensive selection of lacquers, paints, thinners, waxes, oils, impregnation resins and pastes, but can also create lacquers to order for the client, tailored to their particular requirements, which - given today’s diversity of production processes - is of great significance. Thanks to our technical team, we have the capability to solve even the most complex problems concerning the optimization of lacquering processes! This provides significant economic advantages, and eliminates complications in the application and finishing of coatings

Lacquers and paints

We offer a broad selection of lacquers and paints, which includes, among other things: nitro thinner, polyurethanes, acrylics, polyacrylics and polyesters. We also have a wide range of products such as: water-soluble for wood and wood-based materials, as well as paints designed to protect metal, in various colors and gloss levels.

Dyeing and colorizing systems, dyes

In order to create a stain or lacquer of any color, we offer liquid dyes and pigment pastes.
The dyeing systems used to create stains are in liquid form, which - thanks to its high concentration of dye content and additionally available thinner-based or water-soluble medium – makes it possible to combine specific colors, resulting in the creation of new ones. For a more demanding group of clients, we have developed 30 stain colors that are most frequently encountered on the market (these colors represent our template), which we offer as ready-to-use dyes.

Our system of creating covering paints is analogous to the above-described way of constructing stains, and can be described as follows. There are several dozen pigmentation pastes which can be measured by weight, as well as by volume. Offered together with them in a kit is a base known as a converter, in colorless and white versions of varying degrees of gloss, from a matte –10 gloss, all the way to a high-gloss -95 gloss. Basing on these kits, one can create any color from the RAL and NCS color palettes, which we have worked out like our own recipes.


In order to prepare a surface for re-lacquering or re-painting, it should be adequately cleaned. To this end, we offer an extensive selection of thinners, including ones based on acetone and petroleum ether, which can also be useful for cleaning tools. Our range of thinners also includes polyurethane, acrylic and nitrocellulose thinners.

Protective oils for various applications

Our variety of products also includes standard and specialized (industrial) oils for indoor and outdoor applications. They are meant for conservation of various wood surfaces, like garden furniture and decorations, functional and stair-related products, and any others particularly exposed to the elements.

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Excellent lacquers – I recommend them to anyone who does carpentry professionally.

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