Our products

We are a firm that is constantly developing and open to the needs of the market, which is why we offer an exceptionally broad range of products. At the same time, we constantly work to improve our products, in order to guarantee satisfaction to even the most demanding clients.

We have divided our assortment into several categories, to make it easier to navigate our website and quickly find the article being sought.

The main element of our offer is, of course, paints and lacquers. These include water-soluble and thinner-based products. They are used for finishing various types of surfaces – most often wood and materials similar to it, but also plastic, concrete and glass. We’ve also created anti-corrosive paints, designed for metal elements.

Our firm distinguishes itself by production of dyeing systems, adapted to the individual needs of the client. These make it possible to create a lacquer or stain in standard colors, as well as all other hues. Additionally, we’ve set up a gallery which presents the coloring of lacquers, and photos of specific coatings.

To reinforce durability in wooden constructions – garden and functional structures, stairs – against exposure to the elements, we offer standard oils which create a shield that protects against sunlight or low temperatures.

From our offer we recommend

Our firm’s offer is supplemented by a broad selection of accessories and products useful in painting and lacquering work. These include polishing pastes, patinas, colorizing impregnates for concrete, hardeners and pigments.