Our firm

Short about us

Producer of paints and lacquers

We are involved in the production of paints and lacquers, based on thinner-based and water-soluble resins. We also produce thinners, pigments, paint and lacquer additives, as well as hardeners. We specialize in products for finishing and protecting wooden and wood-based elements. In expanding our offer, we also thought of other branches of the industry. Anti-corrosive products for metal were created, including thinner-based polyurethanes, alkyds and acrylics. Moving forward, the market indicated a demand for materials used for finishing plastic, glass and concrete surfaces.
A spectrum of such width allows us to constantly expand, and build our brand among manufacturers of these types of products.

In our firm, besides standard products, it’s also possible to create a product suited to the requirements of the client – a unique product that is “custom made”!

What makes us different?

Our attribute is great flexibility and high quality of products, which is guaranteed by a highly qualified team and our own laboratory – and the fact that we are the producer of the above-mentioned products ensures competitive prices.

We also have several branches throughout Poland, as well as a team of specialized representatives, who will be happy to answer your questions.

Our goals

The most important thing for Vernitech is client satisfaction. In setting up an apartment, house or garden, the proper choice of paints and lacquers will guarantee enduring beauty in the home.
Vernitech aims to:

Make a high quality product.

Provide professional advice in the selection and application of the product.

Make it possible to create a unique product, by special order of the client.